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19 Feb 2016
Hadi Nosratlu

There are several aspects of building a business and more if you're to manage a successful business. One of the most integral feature of the business is the incorporation of your variety of Performance measurement systems that decide how well the business has been doing and how it should be doing. In case you consider the day to day working associated with an organization, the reworking of dynamics and alterations in the nature of the external in addition to internal environment plays a critical role. In fact, it's more of a continuous process and you will find a variety of different business tactics and directions that must be taken for constantly analyzing if the operations of the organization are as they should be and defining the weak areas while highlighting and promoting the strong ones.

Hadi Nosratlu

Just as, it is also important that together with the ever changing dynamics with the business, the Performance measurement systems should be revised to bring them into sync using the changing dynamics within which the organization is functioning. An over-all case is that not enough attention is giving towards Performance measurement systems in wake of changes in the business which results in the mismatch of the important parts of operational, i.e., performing the operation and measuring them. Because of this one is unable to compare the final results as they are skewed within the revised scenario and then the results are unable to represent the proper data, with the growth of technology, it is now easy for huge volumes of date being collected without a significant effort. When there is a lack in the Performance measurement systems, this might result in confusion with regards to effectively making the best used of the collected data and taking advantage of it in the best interest of the organization. The information that is needed for completing a particular task or to analyze a certain thought process is also not yet determined.

The idea is completing the task as effectively and efficiently as is possible. There is also a need for establishing a relationship between effectiveness and efficiency. Where efficiency does the things in the right manner, effectiveness on the other half is doing the right things that will help the business of the entity. It's just as simple as utilizing your resources in useless things.

One of the main reasons of implementing Performance measurement systems is making sure that all the areas of the organization process cycles are meeting the precise standard of output if they are unable to, then non performing reasons as well as other aspects of the entity must be highlighted. One more thing to keep in mind when dealing with Performance measurement systems is the fact that they must be comprehensive. They should have a 360 degree evaluation and analysis as opposed to just trying to concentrate as well as a particular part of an enterprise cycle. Today, there are a variety of different aspects which might be the feature of every other business and all these must be integrated in Performance measurement systems that are effective, efficient which help in improving the operations and running of the organization.

Hadi Nosratlu


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